Inspired by True Events

Masking Tape 2
Masking Tape 2

1st podcast

The 9th film from the USC School of Cinematic Arts groundbreaking feature class.

Masking Tape 2
Masking Tape 2
Masking Tape 2
Masking Tape 2
Masking Tape 2
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  In Capone-era Chicago, a defiant dancer provides a sensational alibi

  to protect the life of her gangster lover

 who orchestrated the notorious St. Valentines Day Massacre.




Lisa Kudrow as


Louise Rolfe

Masking Tape 2
Masking Tape 2


Masking Tape 2




-The "Blonde Alibi"


-Gets Jack acquitted from the St. Valentines Day Massacre, Which he masterminded.


-Charming, independent, stunning, clever

Masking Tape 2

-Al Capone's most trusted hitman.

-His "Golden Boy"

-Handsome, smart, dapper

-Appears to be a polite gentleman

-You would never know his occupation by his looks.

Jack McGurn

Leigh Joel Scott as

Masking Tape 2



Inspired by Bonnie and Clyde" and Road to Perdition

Loyalty     Betrayal  Power

Revenge  Camaraderie   Murder

Passion   Mayhem

Dark Side of the American Dream



Chicago 20s gang map

The Prohobitin Beer Wars in 1920s Chicago

Capones Italian outfit battles Malone's Irish Gang for control of the bootlegged liquor business.

42 Gangster hits in one 6-month period alone


Shapley Davis as


Al Capone - in his early 20s When he takes over the syndicate.

A beloved "Robin Hood" figure... until he becomes public enemy 1 at the age of 30.

Bugs Malone - hates Capone with a passion. Offers huge payments to hired killers.

Bill Rogers as



St.. Valentine's Day Massacre

Jack keeps Al alive. He guns down at least 16 gangster to protect his boss.

Age 25 when he orchestrates the St. Valentines Day Massacre.

Bugs is the target.

7 of his gangs are gunned down.


Lisa Kudrow

as Lou and Louise

Leigh Joel Scott as Jack McGurn

Sara Montgomery as June Francis 


Produced by

Yeon Jin Lee

Mehmet Gungoren


Sound Supervised by
Audrey Gu

Cabba Cai


Directed by

Alexis Patton 

Alyssa Fritz 

Craig Lief 

Danny Roberts 

Joshua Powell 

Max Pearce 

Mila Danton 

Rachel Silveria 

Renato Miguel Ruiz 

R.S.T Davis 

Sophia Ungaro

Yudi Zhang


Written by

Becca Suh-Hee Han

Brandyn Johnson

Craig Lief

Joshua Powell

Mason Jason Orfalea

Mila Danton 

R.S.T Davis

Sophia Ungaro

Yeon Jin Lee

Based on a Story by

John Watson

Poster Designer

Mehmet Akif Malatyali


Social Media Manager
Sophia Ungaro


Title and End Credits Voice

Coby Lawrence


Consulting Producer

John Watson

R.S.T Davis as Al Capone, Man 

Bill Rogers as Bugs Moran, Referee. Cop, Reporter

Tyler Gurciullo as William Drury, John Scalise, Sicilian, Reporter

James Mount as Frank Nitti 

Adam Pilver as Benny Feldman, Talent Booker 

Leonardo Santaiti as Angelo, Albert Anselmi, Sgt Loftus, Prosecutor, Trainer, Police Officer

Brian Knoebel as Frank Gusenberg, Pete Gusenberg, Radio Broadcaster, Receptionist, Court Bailiff, Bodyguard

Gretchen Harris as Mabel 

Chelsea Suh as Berneda, Joanna

Carolyn Carpenter as Helen, Irene, Operator

Danny Roberts as Young Man, Waiter, George, Newsie, Witness

Todd Gadjusek as Judge Green, Restaurant Owner, Irish Gangster, Doctor, Bartender, Man, Reporter, Photographer, Priest, Bodyguard

Larry Sprott as additional group voice.


Original Music Composed by

David Myles Lewis


Casting by

Jane Flowers


Additional Sound Editing By

Jalen Conway

Rebecca Grass

Esther Kim


Additional Dialogue Editing By

Jackson Daneluk


Music Supervised by

Matt Michienzie


Music Mixed by

Tim Starnes



Piano by Joey Kantor

Trumpet by Jordan Katz

Bass by Marc Gasway

Guitar by John Adair

Cello by Isaac Mailach

Drums by David Myles Lewis


Special Thanks 

Dean Elizabeth M. Daley
Allison Belanger 

Beidi Wang 

Jeannie Lee 

John August 

Julian Stern 

Maria Sara Santoro 

Steven Flick


Jack & Lou: A Gangster Love Story.  is a Production of USC School of Cinematic Arts. 

Cast & Crew